Temporary Short Stay Visa (Subclass 400)

This is the new Visa planned for introduction from the 23/03/2013. The purpose of this subclass 400 visa is to allow overseas nationals to enter Australia on a short term basis to undertake highly specialised work on a non ongoing basis. Examples of this include commissioning new equipment or to undertake cultural or social activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation etc.

Limitations on work:

The work should not be more than 3 months and you should not try to extend your stay in Australia. The government is very concern that your work in Australia does not negatively impact Australian employment, training opportunities or conditions of employment.

Financial Requirements:

It is important that the main applicant and their immediate family are able to support themselves financially whilst in Australia. Evidence will need to be provided to support your application.


Applicants cannot study any course that leads to primary or secondary program, leads to a formal qualification at trade, diploma or degree. The only exception is a language training program.

Other Requirements:

There are the standard requirements such health and character checks that need to be provided.

How to Apply:

Before applying, please contact our office to firstly check that this is the most suitable visa for your application. We can guide and assist you through this process.

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