IRON Program for Nurses

IRON Program for Nurses

IRON Program for Nurses

IRON Program for Nurses is a special bridging program for overseas qualified and registered nurses. This program is designed to assist overseas nurses meet the requirements of the Australian nursing board. The board responsible for nursing registration and practice in Australia is known as the NMBAor Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

In order to undertake this IRON Program,nurses must apply to AHPRA to have their overseas nursing qualifications assessed. If  their qualifications are assessed as equivalent to Australian education  standards they will be granted registration. For many nurses from countries such as India, China, Philippines to name just a few, the most likely outcome is that they will need to undertake the IRON Program.

The IRON program  stands for Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses. This program may also be referred to as other names but its essential the same program. The purpose is for overseas nurses to understand the laws, regulations and practices that govern nursing practice in Australia. It also provides an opportunity for these nurses to demonstrate their competency as nurses. Once they have demonstrated their competency and met all the requirements of the course, they will be eligible for registration as Registered Nurses in Australia.

Not all IRON programs are the same so it pays to understand the differences between the available programs and only enroll in the course that provides the best value.  Some providers that are hospital based offer the theory and clinical placements in the same facility. This is a real cost saver.  Some providers that are not hospital based, require students to travel interstate to undertake their clinical practice. This unfortunately adds additional cost and inconvenience during a very difficult and stressful time for overseas nurses.

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Overseas Nurses seeking to undertake the bridging program in Victoria can consider Australian Centre of Further Education, ACFE is one of the few companies in Melbourne currently offering the initial registration for overseas nurses. The IRON program is a course recognised by the NMBA (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia). iron program

Students successfully completing this program are eligible for registration as nurses. Please note the new classification is Registered Nurse but you may still find references to Division 1 Registered Nurse online or in some marketing materials.

Their IRON Program is  generally of 12 week duration with the first 4 weeks comprising of theory in a classroom setting. The balance of the course is spent in clinical placements around Australia. The location of placements depends on availability and may be in Tasmania, South Australia and of course Victoria. It is important that students are prepared financially for possible additional travel and accommodation costs in the event their clinical placements are interstate.

ACFE ( is located in the melbourne CBD; 341 Queen St Melbourne Victoria, Australia.
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Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses – Enrol Fast

The Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses Program is a specialist bridging program for overseas qualified and registered nurses. On successful completion the overseas trained nurse qualifies for registration in Australia as a Registered Nurse (RN). This new classification by AHPRA was also previously known as Division 1 Registered Nurse.

Banksia Immigration has a proven record of assisting our nurse clients throught the entire process from lodging the initial application with AHPRA through to gaining entry into one of the available Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses programs.

We will explain the entire process to you and guide you all the way so that you can enrol into an IRON program in the shortest possible time with the gain of becoming and Australian Registered Nurse as soon as possible.

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