Registration for Nursing – Help with AHPRA Registration

Help for clients seeking registration for nursing. Let us guide you through the new AHPRA / NMBA nurse registration requirements and processes.

The new registration process has been especially difficult for overseas qualified nurses during the transition from State based nursing boards to the new national AHPRA board. While many of the registration requirements are similar to previous requirements there are many changes that can and will delay your application if you supply incorrect documents and/or information.

Registration for Nursing in Australia for overseas trained nurses enables these nurses to become registered on the national register of nurses. This means that they qualify to work in the Australian Healthcare System. There are many jobs available to registered nurses due to the shortage of nurses in this country.  One of the main reasons of this shortage is due to the aging population of nurses. The second reason is that due to the aging community, the demand of registered nurses has been increasing steadily and will continue for some time in the future.

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