AHPRA Registration

AHPRA commits to considering each Registration application carefully to make sure that all health professionals given registration are suitably  qualified, have the necessary  skills and experience to practice safelyin the Australian healthcare system.

Following is an overview of the published AHPRA registration process. Please note that this process may change without notice so always check with the AHPRA site for the latest registration process.

Stages of the AHPRA Registration Process

Stage 1: Application

When the hardcopy application form or online renewal form is submitted, it is reviewed internally for completeness.

Stage 2: Assessment

The supplied information is assessed against registration standards. At this stage the applicant may be required to supply further information or undergo various tests or examinations regarding competency or health issues. A recommendation is then made, which may be to register, register with conditions, or reject.

If the application is straight forward and the recommendation is to register, a delegate of the Board may register the applicant without referring to the relevant National Board. Complicated cases will be referred to the National Board for resolution.

Stage 3: National Board Decision

The Board may accept the recommendation or take some other action. The Board’s decision will either be to register, register with conditions, or reject the application.

Stage 4: AHPRA Registration

Registration is finalised and relevant letters and certificates are prepared for the applicant.

Stage 5: Submission

If a National Board accepts the application with conditions or rejects the application, the applicant will be informed at this stage. The applicant may then elect to make a submission to the National Board.

Stage 6: Submission Assessment

Following Stage 5, the response from the applicant is considered and a final decision is made.

Stage 7: Tribunal

If applicants do not agree with the final decision of the Board, they may take their case to a tribunal for a decision.

Stage 8: Withdrawn Incomplete

If a required response from the applicant is not received within a reasonable period, the application is closed – withdrawn and incomplete.

AHPRA Registration

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